Kibondeni College

Kibondeni College of catering and hospitality was the first women hospitality college in Kenya, formally established in 1967. Young women from all over Kenya are given the opportunity receive highly subsidized quality technical and human skills training required to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

During their training, the girls receive in-service attachments at major hotels and have developed the reputation for being women of integrity, initiative and dependability unrivaled in the industry (Kibondeni girls have a 90% employment rate).



We are always looking out for well wishers to support the training of even more girls at Kibondeni.  Click on the donate button below to give. The generous support you give will go towards ensuring at least one girl gets the chance to complete her Training at Kibondeni.

With consistent high performance from its students, Kibondeni’s syllabus was adopted by the Ministry of Education for application in other similar institutions.

All girls enrolled into the institution today come from disadvantaged backgrounds from all over Kenya. Kibondeni is in constant need of financial support through scholarships from well-wishers to ensure that these girls continue with their education and to also ensure that even more girls are enrolled and given quality education that will improve their dignity in life.