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  • Who Are We?
    Kianda Foundation is a non-profit making Educational Trust that was established on 9th January 1961. Its main objective is to promote the education and welfare of women in Kenya. It achieves its aims through the establishment and management of schools, colleges, and training centres for both women and girls, thus promoting their general education.
  • Is Kianda Foundation related to Kianda School and Kianda College?
    Yes, both are projects of Kianda Foundation. The College was the first project of the Foundation that started in 1961, while the School was started in 1977.
  • Which are the activities of the Foundation?
    The activities of the Foundation fall under the following categories: Primary, secondary and tertiary education for girls Programs for early childhood education in vulnerable nursery schools. Health and Nutrition programs for children and communities with little or no access to health care services. Programs & activities on the environment Activities for the youth such as: Leadership courses / Personality and character development courses Social responsibility training in rural areas and urban slums Guidance and counselling for girls Hygiene & Nutrition courses Affectivity & Sexuality Courses 6. Activities for women such as: Micro entrepreneurship and business skills training Employability skills Income generating activities Health and hygiene classes Mentorship & counselling support HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programs Cookery/Nutrition Courses on human rights & values Parenting courses 7. Facilitating access to basic needs when special cases arise that threaten the sustainability of their livelihoods and are faced with emergencies.
  • Do you work only with women?
    Kianda Foundation’s mission is quality and personalised education for women and girls in Kenya, but we are interested in the welfare of the whole family, and there are general programs where both are taken care of.
  • Which projects has the Foundation established?
    Educational Projects – Kianda School; 2 Nursery schools run within tea plantations Vocational Training Schools – Kimlea Girls’ Technical Training Centre, Kibondeni College and Tewa Training Centre (Kibondeni & Tewa now running under Nurisha Trust, an off-shoot of Kianda Foundation) Women Empowerment Program – Fanikisha Project (Business Women Support Program), Kimlea Business Centre Cultural Centers – Fanusi Study Centre and Faida Centre Health Projects – Kimlea Medical Clinic and Children’s Health Program (CHEP) Community Project – ‘Smartika Mimi’’ (Hygiene & Nutrition program in schools); ‘Tekeleza Program’’ (Leadership Program for the youth)
  • Does Kianda Foundation provide scholarships for individuals?
    The Foundation looks for funds for scholarships of the students who are in need of help within their institutions
  • Why is Kianda Foundation different from any other Foundation?
    In this Foundation we are interested in the all-round formation of our beneficiaries, not only in the training they receive in any particular subject, but also in their wellbeing, social, physical, mental, emotional and moral aspects. We aim at providing quality training that can help them to excel.
  • Where do we work?
    We have institutions and programs in Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu, Kilifi, Kisumu and outreach programs in many other towns.
  • How can I support Kianda Foundation?
    You can support by: Donations for a specific project or with scholarships for students in our projects Volunteering - sharing your experience Helping us to find partners for our programs And many more innovative ideas that you may have.
  • How can I donate to Kianda Foundation?
    Through the website page - Donate which has our bank and Mpesa details By gifts in kind or equipment Leaving a legacy Fundraising for us Organising an event and contributing the proceeds Donating a percentage of your sales or those of other companies Using your talents and experience to generate some donations (academic, musical, sports, etc.)
  • How can I get in touch with Kianda Foundation?
    Send us an email at info@kiandafoundation.org or call us at +254722530449, +254202321984 and make an appointment to meet us.
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