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Children's Health Program

Reinforcing children's health through Preventative care and Treatment

The Children’s Health Program (CHEP) brings medical care to children whose parents cannot afford healthcare at established health Centres. We believe that if a child is healthy for all those formative years, they will have a solid health foundation for their lives. Our medical staff from Kimlea Clinic visit the schools on fixed days and conduct yearly check-ups for all the children, de-worm them at least 3 times a year, give vitamins, supplements and at times food to malnourished children (following up with the families in serve cases), treatment and tests as required.

Get Involved

By donating only €50 you ensure that one child is enrolled in the program and taken care of medically for 10 years. The cost is only €50 because of the large number of children enrolled in the program and while some children require very little, others require more serious treatment, operations and other procedures.

Join us and give these little ones the healthcare they deserve.

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