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Our projects and partners

Our pride is to offer the best options for Girls and Women in Kenya!

With a focus on women, girls and families, our projects span from formal educational institutions, to girls clubs and health programs. We have a proven track record of uplifting communities through education. Using our expertise we respond to local needs through establishing sustainable projects. These are some of the projects and partners.

Projects: What We Do

Kimlea Girls Technical Training College

Kimlea Girls Technical Training Centre is located in Kiambu County. It is surrounded by tea estates with villages of tea pickers, as well as families living off small holdings at subsistence level


Kianda School

Kianda School was founded in 1977 with only 38 students enrolled. The School has a unique approach in that staff and parents work together to bring out the best in every girl


Kibondeni College and Tewa Training Centre

These vocational training units specialize in hospitality and economic empowerment programs. They were started by Kianda Foundation and are now run by Nurisha Trust, a non profit educational foundation for the promotion of women and girls in Kenya.


Since 2003 the Foundation has been running Fanikisha a business women support program that empowers women through a comprehensive training course in business skills, catering and mentorship. The program also offers counselling services to the women enrolled.

Gatina and Maramba Nursery Schools

Gatina and Maramba nursery schools were set up to cater for early child hood education of the children of the labourers in the tea and coffee plantations of Tigoni area. These schools have enabled hundreds of children to get enrolled in primary school


Children's Health Program


CHEP brings medical care to children whose parents cannot afford healthcare at established health Centres. It offers preventative care as well as treatment


Kimlea Clinic

Kimlea Clinic, provides medical care to families in the tea plantations and environs. It started at a time when many serious household accidents and illnesses were being reported, and few able to afford medical attention

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Tigoni Study Centre

Tigoni Study Centre, offers facilities for people from all walks of life for a variety of activities that run throughout the year including retreats, courses, seminars

Faida Youth Centre

Faida is a youth centre established in 1977 for primary and secondary school girls. It provides facilities for study, cultural, social activities. Faida aims to prepare girls for the many challenges faced during their teenage and young adult years

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Fanusi Study Centre

Fanusi was established in 1987 as a centre for university women and is located directly opposite the University of Nairobi Main Campus. It offers study facilities as well as cultural and social activities

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