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Rising From Despair

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

In a world where hope can seem distant, Susan's story stands as a beacon of resilience and determination. Six years ago, Susan, a Ugandan seeking opportunities, arrived in Kenya in search of opportunities. Back home, she had dropped out of high school due to financial constraints. With determination in her heart, she made her way to Kenya, where she eventually got married and became a mother.

Settling in Kenya, she faced the daunting challenge of finding employment without knowledge of Kiswahili. The language barrier left her confined to her home, battling fear and uncertainty, her dreams seemingly slipping away.

It was during this challenging period that Susan discovered the Fanikisha program. Embracing this opportunity, she began a journey of transformation. At the time, she was caught in a web of despair, yearning for purpose beyond the role of a housewife. She constantly contemplated divorce and returning to Uganda for a fresh start.

Yet, through the Fanikisha program, Susan received not only valuable business skills training but also crucial counseling sessions that transformed her perspective on life. She began to appreciate her worth, her family, and her own strength. This newfound outlook gave her the courage to continue her journey, opting to remain and care for her family.

Today, Susan is a woman with a vision. She dreams of opening her own bakery, a venture that would not only provide her with financial independence but also contribute to her community. Susan's story is a testament to the power of resilience, empowerment, and the strength that emerges from within when hope is rekindled.

We can't wait to see Susan's bakery flourish and witness her continued journey towards success.

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