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Celebrating Two Decades of Empowerment: The Fanikisha Summit.

women attending the fanikisha summit

On August 25, 2023, a momentous milestone was reached as we hosted the Fanikisha Summit at Kianda Hall. This remarkable event commemorated 20 years of transformative impact achieved through the Business Women Support Program (BWSP), which has now been relaunched as Fanikisha.

Under the theme "Accelerating the Sustainability and Growth of Women-Led Businesses," the summit provided a powerful platform for reflection, inspiration, and forward-thinking discussions. Esteemed guests, including BWSP beneficiaries, entrepreneurs, community leaders, advocates, and supporters, converged to resonate with a shared vision: uplifting women in the dynamic world of business.

The summit's keynote address, delivered by Mercy Wanjeri, Founder and CEO of Mindpurpose Africa and Director at Touchline Branding, added an extra layer of inspiration. Her insights painted a panoramic view of the untapped possibilities awaiting women-led enterprises.

Jane Njeri giving a talk

Central to the summit's narrative were the stirring testimonies of three BWSP program beneficiaries. Jane Njeri, Founder and Director of Lifepoint Hospital; Elizabeth Muembu, a dynamic businesswoman owning three curio shops; and Cecilia, a resourceful entrepreneur crafting carrier bags from sacks, shared their personal journeys of growth, resilience, and transformation. Each story underscored the invaluable role of the BWSP program in overcoming challenges, fostering business expansion, and realizing professional and personal dreams.

Delving deep into matters of significance, the summit fostered dialogues on strategies to conquer hurdles, grasp untapped opportunities, and extend support to fellow entrepreneurs. The event's design encouraged meaningful exchanges, nurturing a vibrant atmosphere for knowledge sharing and networking.

"This summit is a testament to the journey we have undertaken together. Today, we celebrate past achievements and eagerly anticipate a future where women-led businesses thrive." Anne, a BWSP beneficiary

We express heartfelt gratitude to partners, sponsors, and collaborators whose steadfast commitment contributed to the summit's resounding success. Their support epitomized the collective dedication to advancing women's empowerment and creating a world where women lead and triumph.

As the BWSP program transforms into the invigorating identity of Fanikisha, we reaffirm our unwavering dedication to nurturing women's empowerment, catalyzing sustainable growth, and fostering an environment where every woman's potential is not only recognized but fully realized. Together, we propel change and empower women to shape their destinies.

women having a group discussion at the fanikisha summit

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