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CHEP July - September Update

During the July to September period, our focus was on the preventative health care of the CHEP children. We based this on the cases we came across. Several children complained of Amoebiasis and intestinal worms. Many had ring worms and fungal infections. We examined a few with food poisoning and diarrhea. Several boys from different schools had scabies. One particular case is that of a 12-year-old boy who looked very sickly and complained of epigastric pains. We were able to do a H. Pylori test and it was positive. We treated him using a Helicobacter kit and he is now well. To counteract these ailments, we found it helpful to give sessions to children on food and personal hygiene including how to wash properly and apply Calamine lotion in the case of scabies.

Limuru in Kiambu County is generally cold because it is located in the Kenya Highlands. The months of July, August and September are especially cold. Because of this, we see an increase in upper respiratory tract infections; including tonsillitis and rhinitis. Students from Kianda School’s Knitting Club came up with the idea of making woolen garments to keep the CHEP children warm. They made sweaters, scarves and beanie hats for them.

They also prepared a sumptuous meal of fries and sausages that the children love!

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