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From Dough to Certificate: Rise to Success in Pastry and Bakery Arts!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

On 10th February 2023, 17 women graduated from the Kanyawegi Outreach Program in Kisumu County, after successfully completing a course in pastry and bakery arts.

The Kanyawegi Outreach Program is a community-based outreach program by Kianda Foundation that provides vocational training to underprivileged women in Kisumu County. Through this program, women are equipped with skills and knowledge that can help them earn a sustainable income and improve their living standards.

The pastry and bakery arts course is designed to teach these women the techniques required to prepare delicious pastries, cakes, and bread. The course also provided them with hands-on training on using various equipment and tools used in the baking industry.

The graduation ceremony was a moment of pride for the women, their families, and the Kanyawegi Outreach Program. It was a testament to their hard work and determination, and the impact of the program on their lives.

Congratulations to the graduates, and may their skills take them to new heights in their future endeavours!

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