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Nancy's Story - Kimlea

When I finished high school a neighbour told me about Kimlea Girls Technical Training College, a vocational college specializing in hospitality based in Limuru. I decided to apply for a certificate course. I was uncertain as to how I will pay my tuition. Life at home had not been easy; my mother was working odd jobs. Between paying for rent and food, things were tight and money for school fees was simply not there. My future was uncertain. This made me quite withdrawn.

Then, things began to turn around, my application to Kimlea was successful and I was accepted on a full scholarship. On enrolment, I was assigned a tutor who I met with once a week. During our sessions, we talked about my situation at home, my hopes for the future, what I wanted to become. She coached me on how to overcome my withdrawal, improve my confidence and working towards my goals. These sessions completely changed my outlook. My tutor was a great help. Through this support, I began working diligently on my academics eventually graduating top of my class.

I now work in a catering unit at a private school in Nairobi and can now help my mother educate my siblings. During my free time I go back to Kimlea to speak to the girls, it’s my small way of giving back to Kimlea for the strong footing they gave me. I have been where the girls are right now. I can relate to their struggles. I know the importance of the opportunity they have as a stepping stone to a better future for them and their families.

Kimlea Girls Technical Training College is a vocational institution based in Limuru Kenya that gives access to training courses to girls who would otherwise not have the chance to study for these courses.

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