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Smartika Mimi - Quotes from Graduates of the Hygiene Program

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

A total of 804 students from Limuru Mission and Kibubuti Primary Schools graduated from the Smartika Mimi school hygiene program.

The students wrote essays about the impact of the program on their lives and we have selected some quotes.

"Smartika has helped us live in a clean home and learn in a clean environment”

“Made us realize we can be acceptable to the society regardless of our background”

“Taught us how to respect others and not laugh at them when they smell or have torn clothes”

“Helped us with our self–esteem and increased our confidence. When we are not clean or when we are suffering from jiggers or ringworms others laugh at us but now we know how to protect ourselves and maintain good practices

“Our confidence is also better because we are now able to stand in front of a class and speak”

“Helped us not lose hope in life as our teachers keep telling us not to”

“We love Smartika Mimi, it is the best!”

“Taught us about HIV and how to prevent ourselves from getting the disease and we should avoid doing anything that could make our lives hard”

“Taught us how to brush our teeth even when we do not have toothbrushes”

“Taught us to eat balance diet to avoid getting sick unnecessarily”

“Taught us how to keep our classes and compound clean, the toilets, collecting rubbish and burning it and now our school looks cleaner”

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1 commentaire

clemence mghoi
clemence mghoi
23 sept. 2021

I like the assays very much

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