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Students and Teachers On What Makes Kimlea Special

Kimlea Girls Technical Training College is a vocational college based in Limuru specializing in hospitality courses. Through the support of donors and well wishers, Kimlea works to give girls and women from financially disadvantaged backgrounds access to further education and an opportunity to excel. The institution is unique because apart from the technical training which is heavily practical in nature, it focuses on its students as individuals, working to develop the person as a whole. Mentorship plays a big part in the training and assists the girls to refocus on their hopes and dreams for the future, not letting where they come from hold them back. As a result, Kimlea graduates are well sought after in the hospitality industry.

What exactly makes the institution so special and why do the staff and students love being a part of it? Lets learn more from them.

Eddy, right during a practical session


Eddy is a Teacher at Kimlea. She is a new addition to the staff team. Eddy says "What I like the most about working at Kimlea is being able to receive mentoring and spiritual direction as well as being a mentor myself. Through mentoring I have already started seeing its positive effects on my students who have become more disciplined and have more positive attitudes which I know goes a long way towards helping them become better professionals". To the donors, Eddy hopes that they continue funding the institution so that the college can in turn be able to keep changing the lives of the young women in the society. She says "Through funding, Kimlea gives hope to its students and the community at large. It helps them change negative perceptions about themselves and their backgrounds".

Lucy during the interview


Lucy is a 21-year-old student of Kimlea Girls Technical College, Limuru studying hospitality. She says "I chose to study at Kimlea because I wanted to get quality education and skills and ultimately become a chef." Lucy continues, “Kimlea offers spiritual growth, a quiet and conducive environment for my studies. The teachers are friendly and understanding, they are ready to listen and help.”

Lucy has a passion for cooking and baking which is the course she had decided to pursue on competing form four, unfortunately, her parents could not afford the college tuition fees. Kimlea gave her the opportunity to further her studies. Since joining Kimlea, she has modified her dreams of becoming a hired chef into entrepreneurship, inspired by what she has learnt from the entrepreneurship lessons and skills she has picked up so far. She would like to tell donors that she appreciates their efforts and help. If it were not for them, she says she could not have been able to continue with her education. She is really grateful.

Sarah on enrolment at Kimlea


Sarah a 21-year-old hospitality student at Kimlea says. "I chose to study at Kimlea because of its reputation of producing well trained students who are achieving their dreams and constantly striving to improve their standards of living". Before Kimlea, Sarah had a strong desire to pursue catering but unfortunately, she lacked money to pay for the course. She did not lose hope, and eventually the Kimlea opportunity came up. On mentorship, Sarah notes, "It has helped me understand my life better and understand the importance of working hard to improve my own self". After her studies, Sarah hopes that she will join a large hotel with a good salary so she can help her parents. She also hopes to motivate high school girls to go for further studies as opposed to getting into early marriages to enable them focus on their careers and to be self-reliant. Sarah recommends Kimlea to her friends and relatives because of the skills she has learnt to improve her standard of living. She would like to thank the donors and promises to use this opportunity she has been given well.

Peris (2nd left) during a demonstration in Kimlea main kitchen


Peris is a teacher at Kimlea where she’s worked for the last 20 years. She says "I am passionate about working at Kimlea because of the friendly relaxed atmosphere as well as for the opportunity I get to give back to society. I am most inspired by the principal Frankie Gikandi and how she strives to make sure that the students are enrolled and finish their studies despite the many difficulties they face. She makes personal follow ups, visiting families in the tea farms and other areas". As a mentor, Peris points out that “mentoring has helped the girls believe in themselves which changes their attitude towards life. They feel motivated and resilient, and approach life with energy and positivity.”

Peris highly recommends Kimlea to students as it is greatly skills oriented and because it has a holistic focus for spiritual formation, life skills and skills necessary to steer their careers. To the donors, Peris would like to thank them and tell them that so many people have benefitted and lives changed because of their generosity.

Learn more about Kimlea and how you can support their programs, visit their website https://kimleatechnical.org/

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