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"When you educate a woman, the whole nation benefits"

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Rosemary, a mother and wife as well as a business owner, is one of the thousands of women who have benefited from our Fanikisha Program, a business women support program by Kianda Foundation. Rosemary who hails from Karuri Village had a business before the program but was having trouble managing its finances and operations on a daily basis. The business was incurring losses but she didn’t know where or how to plug the financial drain.

Fortunately, she heard about Fanikisha at her church and immediately registered for it. As she continued her training, she learnt essential business skills and was able to identify the mistakes she was making in her business and worked to correct them. In addition, she learned how to keep meticulous records and track her income and expenses. This is how she discovered that an employee had stolen money from her. She rebuilt her business using the skills she learnt from the training.

So far, Rosemary has eliminated her losses and has already realized an increase in profits. She diligently updates her records daily and personally runs her shop. She has greatly benefited from the catering lessons provided by the Kianda Foundation—which include cooking and baking techniques. She says that since she started applying the techniques in her home kitchen, mealtimes have become very enjoyable for the entire family. The one on one counselling sessions offered throughout the duration of the program have also greatly improved her family life.

When you educate a woman, the whole nation benefits” Rosemary.

Rosemary dreams of expanding her cake shop and using the skills she has learnt from the program in marketing to attract even more customers. She is very grateful to the Kianda Foundation and hopes that many more women will be empowered by Fanikisha.

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