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Waithira's Story - BWSP

Updated: Aug 11

Waithira is a 2022 graduate of the Business Women Support Program (BWSP) in Kamirithu. When her son in law heard about the training, he immediately agreed to sponsor her registration fees and the weekly cookery sessions token. On successfully completing the course, her entire family including her son in law came out in full force to celebrate with her at the graduation ceremony.

She started her business after graduating from BWSP and is now a fruit vendor. Waithira was previously a casual worker who used to earn Kshs. 200 per day depending on work and at times would go up to a month without work. She credits the start of her new business to a new outlook in life that was brought about by the training program.

She says, “During the training, one of our teachers asked us to reflect on 'who I am'

and 'what I have' after the training I seriously thought about this. I knew from the classes that I could start from where I am with the little I have. I was a secretary for our church group and was able to take a loan of Kshs. 1,000/- to start my fruit business.”

Her business target market is a nearby Trailer company whose workers - drivers, mechanics and other contractors frequent her stall during their break times. Her neighbour offers tea and snacks, while Waithira sells fruits like bananas, avocados, sugar cane and vegetables like onions, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes that the workers can buy on their way home for dinner.

Now, Waithira makes Kshs. 300 profit each day from Monday to Saturday of steady income on top of this she saves Kshs.100 daily with her neighbour on table banking and has so far raised Kshs. 7,000/- she has set for herself a saving target of Kshs. 50,000/- that she will invest back into her business.

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