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Promoting the Dignity of the Woman, the Girl and the Family

60 years of promoting education that really transforms lives

Our women and girls receive more than an education; they receive formation that really transforms them.

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Our Impact


Women, girls and families empowered


Institutions, Centers and Projects


Years of dedicated service to Kenya

Latest Highlights From The Foundation
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Our pride is to offer the best options for Girls and Women in Kenya!
What We Do

Education Institutions

Kianda Foundation promotes  formal and technical education through establishing of formal Schools, from Nursery to Primary, Secondary schools and Vocational training through its institutions.


Community Outreach Programs

Through Fanikisha, the Business Women Support Program , Kianda Foundation ensures women in communities have the skills they need to succeed in business. Additionally, the Foundation also runs Hygiene programs for primary school children

Healthcare Programs

Through Kimlea Clinic and the Children's Health Program (CHEP), Kianda Foundation runs community healthcare programs to ensure that underserved families have access to quality healthcare

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