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Bata Heroes Shoe Distribution

Over 4,000 pairs of shoes have been distributed to five primary schools; Limuru Mission, Kibubuti Primary, Umoja Primary, Kingothua Primary and Riara school. What a timely gift to give these children who’ve had such a difficult year, occasioned by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, not only economically but socially in not being able to learn or freely play like they used to. The pictures of the children receiving their shoes say it all, with the brief opening up of schools, it was the perfect opportunity to ensure that the children have a boost for the new school year. The shoes they remove and replace with shiny new ones mean comfort, a neat appearance and above all, confidence!

Kianda Foundation through Kimlea Girls and Kimlea Clinic has been involved in various health programs around Limuru area where many families are living at subsistence level. Many children from these backgrounds are unable to access health services, leaving them vulnerable to serious complications. These children end up missing school on account of treatable ailments which develop to more serious issues. Through the support of our partners, the Children’s Health Program (CHEP) has been able to bring medical care to these 5 schools in Limuru where the shoe distribution exercise took place. The need is still there and we need a lot more support with the health programs in these schools.

A very special thanks to the Bata Shoe Company for this great initiative that really imparts confidence and has brought so much happiness to so many of our CHEP kids and many others around the country.

Kingo'thua Primary Thanks
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