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From the Students - Tewa Training Centre

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Tewa Training Centre is a vocational training institution at the Coast of Kenya in Kilifi County. Tewa was set up by Kianda Foundation in 2010 to provide women and girls in the area as well as from all over Kenya an opportunity at a quality education: through accredited vocational courses in hospitality as well as training through outreach programs in tailoring, agricultural outreach, cookery. Tewa is now being managed by Nurisha Trust an offshoot of Kianda Foundation.

Through the support of generous partners and donors, Tewa is able to admit students who may not be in a position to pay for the full tuition fees for a hospitality course. Hospitality courses are generally expensive to run because of their practical nature, these costs are normally passed on to students at commercial colleges. Tewa is different as it is committed to upholding high standards while ensuring it is able to admit students from disadvantaged families, giving deserving girls and women an opportunity to learn.

Coming from all over Kenya, meet some students from Tewa who through your generous support are able envision and plan for a better future for themselves and their families.


"I’m Eunice from Busia County I am the lastborn in a family of seven currently studying hospitality at Tewa Training Centre in Kilifi county. I will be doing my final examinations in April and therefore I take this opportunity to thank you for sacrificing and paying my fees. I'm enjoying the career. I promised to work hard throughout my life as I have been taught and will always remember you in my prayers together with my able teachers."


"My name is Phenserah from Taita Taveta County. I am the first bon in a family of two and a student perusing certificate in hospitality at Tewa Training Centre whereby I will be finishing in April. My Parents are small scale farmers. They plant kales, spinach, cabbage and maize. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being supportive towards my study in the college towards paying my fees. This has really helped me a lot and I believe that now since I have knowledge and passion my life together with that of my family and community around will completely change."


"My name is Celestine from Busia county. I am the firth born in a family of seven. Currently am pursuing Hospitality at Tewa Training Centre. My father who is the bread winner of our family, is working as a constructor of buildings and from what he gets he has to provide food and basic needs for the family. I really thank you for chipping in and helping in paying my school fees since my dad alone could not be able will be doing my final exams in April and I will always make you proud!"


"My name is Nelly. I come from Kilifi county. I am the first born born in our family am pursuing a two year course in Tewa Training Centre though I have some challenges towards paying my school fees. My father is a fisherman and mother a is unemployed. They are not able to support my siblings and I. I really appreciate you for sacrificing and paying my school fees."

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