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"The Roundup" Quarter One 2022



In the first quarter of 2022, FADE Foundation has set up a special fundraising campaign for the Children's Health Program (CHEP), see details below. Tewa Training Centre in Kilifi hosted Safaricom Foundation and Chief Guest, Safaricom CEO Mr. Peter Ndegwa as the Foundation officially handed over 10 computers and a printer in a colorful ceremony under their Ndoto Zetu Program. The equipment will go a long way towards improving overall digital skills at Tewa. Kimlea Clinic in Limuru held a free medical camp at its premises in Tigoni with free blood sugar and blood pressure screening for area residents. Recently at our offices, we officially launched the dual training project funded by ICEP incorporating all three colleges. Read more on these and other events below:-


FADE Foundation

Our amazing partner FADE Foundation has created a special campaign through the Teaming

platform where you can donate €1 a month for the Children's Health Program (CHEP). CHEP

guarantees free medical care for up to 10 years for kids enrolled. Join our 'group' and support this great initiative.


ICEP Dual Training Project

In March, we held a consultative meeting with leadership from all the three colleges, Kibondeni College (Nairobi), Kimlea Girls Technical Training College (Kiambu) and Tewa Training Centre (Kilifi), the management board of the Foundation and representatives of the Trustees were also present. Top on the agenda was the launch of the dual training project funded by ICEP. The purpose of this project is to ensure that the students at these institutions have the practical industry exposure they need to be work ready. Kibondeni College will lead the project as the college has previously implemented dual training with great success. Kibondeni has also formalized dual training as a fixed component of their instruction approach since 2020. The program which will run for 3 years will also see capacity strengthening of staff members across the three colleges.


Tewa Centre - Ndoto Zetu

Tewa Training Centre was the recipient of 10 computers and 1 printer from the Ndoto Zetu (Our

dreams) program by Safaricom Foundation. The handover ceremony was presided over by Safaricom CEO Mr. Peter Ndegwa. One of the students, Maryanne Nakide wrote a letter of appreciation to Safaricom Foundation. Read More


Free Medical Camp – Kimlea Clinic

On Thursday 27 January, 2022, Kimlea Clinic held a free medical camp at their premises in Tigoni for the residents of the area as well as workers at the surrounding tea farms.

Watch Highlights Here - Video


Ngarariga Women Take Over!

Every Friday over seven months women from Ngarariga village in Limuru gathered together in the large church social hall to be part of the Business Women Support Program (BWSP) training. It was a chance for the women to meet, but especially to resume their education.


WONDER! visits Kianda Foundation

Representatives of our partner WONDER Foundation (UK) visited us in March to learn more about our goals, achievements and challenges. WONDER is our long term partner and is also a women led organization whose mission is to empower women, girls and their community through access to quality education, so they can exit poverty for good. The WONDER team was led by Carmen Gonzales – CEO accompanying her were Izzy Cummings – Development Director and Raphaella Gabrasadig one of their Trustees. The team visited Kibondeni College (Nairobi), Kimlea Girls Technical Training College (Limuru) and Tewa Training Centre (Kilifi). They also attended visited women who have undergone the Business Women Support Program (BWSP) training to hear more about their experiences.

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